“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”

Alexander the Great 

Elder Kevin Freeman and Pastor Jeffrey have been friends for over 12 years. Kevin and his wonderful wife Donna are wonderful examples of Christian maturity.

Deacon  Malcolm Dillard has been with C.B.F.C since the days of house ministry. A dedicated “Table-Waiter” who serves with love and devotion to God. Malcolm travels distances to give rides to those in need and also assists with the Pastors Aide ministry. Malcolm has recently taken on our Evangelism team and we are so proud of him.

 Gisele Phillips has been with the ministry since its infancy. She is the administrative guru concerning C.B.F.C. Her gifts include hospitality, intercessory prayer and ministry of helps. 

Demetrias is a profound minister who displays Christ working in his life daily. His determination and love for God’s people shows in his ministry. “Dee” truly is a breath of fresh air. Demetrias also coaches a semi-pro basketball team.

Alex has shown himself to be a wonderful, loving minister. Alex hails from the great state of Missouri. Presently Alex serves in the U.S. Navy. He assists in the audio department for the ministry. Alex has shown that he loves sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Lance and Yvette Pierce are wisdom and zeal. These two wonderful people share meals with the homeless through paper bag meals called “Bags O Blessings.” Lance works with the Men’s ministry and care ministries. Truly a gifted couple.
Artura approached CBFC about linking her ministry, Glorifying God, with us. A true Evangelist, Artura has shown zeal and great love for the worn, torn, used and abused of this world. Artura is an anointed, wonderful minister.